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Surgical Operation surgery


Surgical Operation surgery

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A patient undergoing coronary artery surgery.

The chest has been opened and the heart exposed. A heart-lung machine will take over the vital job of circulating oxygenated blood to the body while the heart is temporarily stopped.

During this period, blockages in the coronary arteries will be bypassed using sections of vein taken from the patient’s legs.

A patient with ischaemic heart disease is having the blocked coronary artery bypassed using a section of vein taken from her leg.

During the procedure, the circulation of oxygenated blood to the body and brain has been taken over by a heart-lung machine.

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Angiogram of Healthy Heart

The picture of health, an angiogram of a human heart shows blood vessels in sharp detail. To take an angiogram, or arteriogram x-ray, doctors must first inject the patient with a special opaque dye that allows a clear view of the heart’s blood vessels, including the large left and right coronary arteries. Narrowed arteries indicate the presence of coronary artery disease. Blockages of either of the coronary arteries could lead to a heart attack. Such x-rays help doctors determine a course of treatment.